Marks left over from used cups
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Liberated! How yesterday’s coffee cups have gone to become tomorrow’s art

Artist Michael Strand wants to entice something from the back of your kitchen cupboard. A lingering memory which dithers on the verge of being let go. An episode in life, from all walks of life, represented in one of the most humble utilitarian form. He wants to swap that crappy cup you’d almost gladly throw away for one he had hand-thrown.

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Journey to excellence – what qualities made Tim Rudman the expert in lith printing?

A visit to a bookshop started Tim Rudman on an unusual career change away from medicine. But his subsequent journey to expertise, from a self-taught amateur to the authority in lith printing, might not have happened without a background in science.

Tim Rudman

Tim Rudman preparing for an exhibition of his photographic prints. Photo: Viviane Li

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Picturing Wanteete – photography for social good

Photographer Louise Contino embarks on a four-month trip to teach African villagers to tell their stories via photography.

Everyday, thousands of carefree snaps are uploaded onto social networking sites, hoping for casual clicks on a ‘like’ button from a collective audience of some sort. But how much social impact do these images truly have for its intended community? The latest technology has popularised photography to such an extent that, much of the time, we seem to take the ease of image-making and its results for granted.

Meanwhile, in a small remote village called Wanteete in central Uganda in Africa, villagers await their first lesson with a film camera. How does it work? What can we do with it? How do we get the pictures out of this thing?

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