In an emergency, break glass. Letter to myself with a wax seal.

A learner’s letter to self

Expect to be thrown out of your comfort zone! When learning new skills, do you see difficulties as short-term problems you’ll solve tomorrow, or dead-ends that halt further progress? Pre-empting how to get over the inevitable humps, ahead of the learning curve, could help our future selves to stay the course.

Dear me,

Deary me!


Congratulations for reaching the perfect excuse to STOP and WALK AWAY.

Yes, really!
Take a hike.

La la la la la…

Tomorrow is another day. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Come back another day. Another week.

No, don’t leave it for another month!

If you’re conceptually stuck, then get some perspective…
Refresh. Rethink. Reframe.

If you have to work instead, then get on with the job!
Don’t feel guilty.
But do come back afterwards.

Hey, talking about not wasting feelings on guilt… if the draw is not inherently here to keep you interested for another month, then why feel bad while forcing yourself to pay Udacity’s Nanodegree like many under-utilised gym memberships out there? – Ha ha! I gotcha!

Remember the Sagrada Família in Barcelona – the mother of all unfinished projects! ((The Sagrada Família is a church designed by architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). Building work started in 1882 and is still on-going. At the time of writing, the structure is expected to complete in 2026 and all decorative work predicted to finish by 2032.))
Incompleteness doesn’t stop it from being completely amazing!

An unfinished project is just a path explored, then a path not chosen. You’ve given it due justice, by giving it the benefit of the doubt before making an informed decision to continue or to stop. Because life is too short for exploring everything thoroughly. And not everything will suit everyone.

That’s the point. Does this step forward the end-goal, or simply moved your goal posts?

The goal to create, play, cause trouble, innovate, collaborate, be challenged to use your mind to its fullest potential… plus get paid as a result of all of the above? If this no longer applies, if these steps don’t get you closer, or if there are better ways to get there, then it’s OK to walk another way. You’ve already achieved more difficult challenges. You’ve never paid gym memberships for nothing.

There are no boundaries holding you.


The first assignment on Udacity’s Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree syllabus is to establish a mindset for overcoming challenges. Using techniques derived from problem-solving strategies, goal-setting, plus a little help from the art of letter-writing. It’s intended to help overcome inevitable difficulties we are all bound to face when grappling with new knowledge. Grab your pen (or keyboard) as your shovel and dig yourself out of a hole of desperation, before it even appears! This is my letter to my future self. What would be your own unique approach?


Your thoughts...