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Journey to excellence – what qualities made Tim Rudman the expert in lith printing?

A visit to a bookshop started Tim Rudman on an unusual career change away from medicine. But his subsequent journey to expertise, from a self-taught amateur to the authority in lith printing, might not have happened without a background in science.

Tim Rudman

Tim Rudman preparing for an exhibition of his photographic prints. Photo: Viviane Li

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An interview with photographer Terry O’Neill

Find out the secrets to his success and pick up a few tips from the veteran photographer.

A head and shoulder shot of Terry O'Neill

Photographer Terry O’Neill. Photo: Viviane Li

“I hate being photographed… or doing interviews” said my interviewee just a short while into our conversation. The only thought I had at that point, was that I needed to get him to do both before I left the front door.

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